Client: L’Auró, granja-escola terapèutica
Field of action: Entrepreneurships and social businesses
TS Category : Drafting and managing programs or projects to support social businesses
TS Typology:  Managing programs or projects to support social businesses
Project: Monitoring project management to L'Auró
Year and duration: 2012 – 2013  1 year

One year support of the project management and the strategy for funding for the initiative of social entrepreneurship school farm L'Auró. L'Auró is a pioneering project in the country, due to create an inclusive space without barriers neither physical or social or economic. There are equal opportunities for all children who may come to school or play with family and children suffering from mental illness or disability, or full autonomy, which specialized in holidays behind your game and your fun there is a plan created by a team of educational professionals working individual needs of each child.